Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Best Family Everyday Sport Car?

What is the best everyday family sport car in 2018 that regular people want to buy and drive? In times were SUV of any sizes are becoming more and more popular and fewer people are buying hatchbacks, sedans or station wagons. Even though you will get more value for your money if you buy a sedan than a SUV or small crossover. Some compact SUV's looks great though and drives really good as well, but only a few. Plus driving a SUV is expensive on fuel economy. But why not just get a sport sedan for the family. The new Audi A5 Sportback is great and practical or the new KIA Stinger? there are several to chose from and "Euroman Driver" Channel has made some really good reviews about the best and most practical cars to buy. Here is a link to his site and a youtube video below here: Test Drive Reviews

New Audi A8 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

Monday, December 25, 2017

Football Soccer Stadium Reviews of the best football stadiums in Europe!

What is the best football stadiums in Europe. We will make some short reviews here. I have been to many football stadiums around in Europe and huge indoors arena as well. And I will give you my honest opinions here in The City Review Blog. Some of the most modern stadiums I have been too offers a really good overall experience for the spectators and that is important I think if a sports club or football club want to draw more people to watch their games. I have visited many stadiums around in Europe and I will start with the latest one I visited. Brondby stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark. Upon arrival the stadium looks awesome from the outside with big bright lightning banners attached to the stadium walls. It made it look cool and interesting. It was super easy to get into the stadium with the ticket scanners. Security asked to check our bags and we got in very fast. The snack and food stands were placed in a very practical manner and again there was almost no line. (40 minutes before kick-off.) It was not cheap, but not expensive either. We found out seats on the top tribune. There were no elevators so we got some exercise lol. We had a great view from our seats and even though it was cold, it was still exciting. The fans were very loud and entertaining haha. It was a great game with lots of goals. We enjoeyed every minute. The toilets were clean and everything seemed very organized. I recommend to visit this place. You need to take a taxi from Copenhagen downtown to reach this place! That the only downside.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sport and Fitness Goes Together

Sport and Fitness Goes Together. This is many the best way to lose weight and stay fit. To combine your enthusiasm for a sport and join the sport as an active competitor. A lot of people love watching sports on tv and most are properly not in good shape, but what is people were encourage to join the sport and actually play it and not just sitting home on the couch. There are many benefits with joining a sport-club, you get the fellowship and you can even bring your friends to this fellowship. You get to exercise in a natural way and you will stay fit. People who play soccer football on a regular basis tend to be in better shape than many others. Football is a great way to exercise. You move all muscles, you sprint, you walk, you jump etc. It is one of the greatest sports to be active involved with. I will post some videos about football soccer training. Get out and move and have fun. Exercising should be fun.

Football Soocer Practice Ideas

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Football is awesome

I love sports and mostly soccer football and tennis. Sport is awesome, both to participate in and to watch on television or as a crowd in the stadium. I will bring breaking news and insider football news and results and live streaming free and pay per view online streaming. 

Football is the greatest sport in the world and in America it is called Soccer... but we all know Football is the real name! sorry my American friends :)

People around the world enjoy football. It brings all people together despite religions and beliefs. Football is great and create awesome fellowship. Personally I have seen many european games and right now I'm watching Manchester United playing in Champions League. The atmosphere in Europeans stadium are crazy. I will write about football and sport in my blog. Please save this website. 

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